R & D Center

Tractors and machinery Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu Province in 2010 regular City Council approved the establishment of Science and Technology. Support unit Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd., is a commitment to independent research and development and production of various types of farm tractors and large-scale agricultural enterprises in 2009 was identified as high-tech enterprises.

Center is a centralized department of product research and development, technology, technological innovation and technology management, has a staff of 208 people, including a researcher at level 2 senior engineers, 15 senior, intermediate grade 34, junior staff of 57 people, five senior technician and technicians 24 people; professional and technical personnel, and enjoy special government allowances of personnel 2, Jiangsu Province, "333" project experts, Changzhou Science and technology won five talents. Center Director is responsible for the implementation of the management system under the leadership of the Commission, the establishment of the Technical Committee, set up a central office, at the product development, process development at the trial center.

Centre Court facilities by the central office, laboratory products, consisting of three trial workshop, the location is relatively concentrated. Office building area of 3,000 square meters, an area of 1,500 square meters Products Laboratory, pilot plant area of 5,000 square meters, providing a new product trial sites. It has a horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, electrical instruments, vibration test stand, hydraulic comprehensive test-bed, wheeled tractor machine vibration test stand and other bumps manufacture and test equipment.

In recent years, the company to accelerate new product research and development, high standards, high starting point, high-speed research and development to meet market demand at home and abroad a number of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights.

    (1) self-development

In recent years, the company based on supporting large farm machinery and equipment duplex job requirements, have developed a series of Dongfeng 100 to 135 horsepower wheeled tractors, wheel tractor type which DF1354 in June 2013 adopted a new Economic and Information Technology Commission of Jiangsu Province organized product identification (Su Jingxin Kam word [2013] No. 166). The product is independently operated double-acting clutch, spring-loaded butterfly, a ceramic material friction plates, hydraulic steering mechanism and other advanced technology, safe and reliable torque transmission, compact and smooth manipulation of light. Currently in volume production and sales.

Completed DF25-40G2 series and EC series wheeled tractors development, supporting the EPAⅢ and Euro Ⅲ emission standard engine developed synchronizer shifting gearbox spindle gear and other structures, streamlined shape and closed hood, whole Securing environmental indicators have reached the US and European market access requirements, and security certification by the OECD, eight models made Emark certificate, has realized the mass production to the United States and the European Union and other markets.

To meet the needs of the market in Central Asia and Xinjiang, the development of wind 903H Heights gap three tractors, we redesigned the final drive, front-wheel hydraulic steering system, front frame and the fuel tank. And on this basis, we developed a prototype 900H four-wheel tractor. The series has Heights gap wide track characteristics, with good passing ability when field operations, meet the needs of the local cotton field operations. The project has completed a prototype trial and test, to achieve a small batch production and sales.

Developed in line with China's national conditions, with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of semi-fed, full-feeding combine harvester, it has completed the product identification and promotion of identification to enter mass production stage. Series wide range of work, in addition to adapt to the rice harvest wheat and similar crops, can also harvest soybeans, milk vetch, canola and other crops. Currently working with Jiangsu University, to carry out intelligent technology combine key research and development combines intelligent control device operating speed, work flow troubleshooting, cleaning loss detection means and sieve shaker scale opening of the electric control device to increase combine intelligence level.

In order to better adapt to the requirements of different regions in recent years, the company continued with the completion of the Dongfeng brand DF554-1, DF554-2, DF 704-1, DF750-1, DF754-1, DF 800-2, DF 804-2 , DF850-2, DF900-2, DF1004-5 55-90 horsepower wheeled tractors and paddy field tractors and other variations of product development. Respectively, through product identification, to achieve mass production and sales, the company has become a new economic growth point.

Carried out wheeled tractor hydraulic lifter research and development. Lifter is an important part of the tractor, currently supporting the riser quality of instability, a high failure rate. Company developed the advanced foreign technology on the basis, it has completed trial production, enhance bench by 40,000 times, basically meet the design requirements. The next stage will be organized to improve and perfect the product, a second round of trial production, further product testing and verification, implementation and production support, and technical research and development of electric lifter.

We developed a variety of farm machinery supporting small and medium horsepower tractors. As loaders, excavators after, rotary tiller, mower, wood splitting machine, wood machine, dig, graders, snow blowers, snow blowers and other push total of more than 50 series over 170 models of farm machinery with products. The equipment is mainly used in a Class I or II three-point suspension of 15-100 horsepower tractors, and is exported to more than 100 countries and regions, our customers get the recognition, the products are sold abroad.

    (2) the introduction of technology digestion and absorption

Tractor company in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the development of DF254G3 / 504G3 series of next-generation products. Trial of the HST CVT models achieve a continuously variable transmission tractor, a series of product design center power output, ease of mower and other gardening equipment supporting. Master clutch uses a diaphragm spring clutch, clutch deputy uses electronically controlled hydraulic clutch, the use of electro-hydraulic control, button operation. Multi-Axis assembled using the space, activities supporting wall structure gearbox, tractor linkage safety devices reverse driving riser, tractor power output reverse driving off protection devices and other protection devices and reduced turning radius speed steering mechanism, which have received patents. A number of technology at home for the first time, the overall level of technology products in the domestic leading. December 2012 passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements in Changzhou City Science and Technology Bureau, there are four models received the EC certificate, to achieve mass production and sales.

Hire foreign experts to carry out 2ZG-630 high-speed ride transplanter research and development, on the basis of absorbing foreign technology on the new structure transplanter, according to the actual needs of the market, the development and design of a new product transplanter. The product is water-cooled V-twin diesel engine supporting, full power of 12kW, the use of economic; main transmission using the HST transmission, multi-gear transmission using two walking gear shift, four-wheel drive with center and side-mounted synchronous PTO second gear independent type PTO two PTO new structure, extensive agronomic adaptability; oil hydraulic system with double pump oil to meet the requirements of automatic control copying bits comprehensive regulation force distribution valve and hydraulic power steering pump; wide floor accompanied accord operating mechanism ergonomics requirements, with good handling comfort. We have completed the first round of prototype manufacture and test positive a second round of prototype test the improved design. Take the high-speed transplanter industry, will change the current situation of dependence on imports.

    (3) Cooperative

In 2010, in cooperation with Jiangsu University, set up a "tractor Digital Design R & D Center", signed a "Dongfeng 850 tractor chassis finite element structural analysis and improved design", "Dongfeng high horsepower tractors finite element structural analysis and design" technology contract, the implementation of the project has been completed, in order to improve the product structure provides improved scheme. Currently being carried out "tractor driveline digital design" project.

2010 Company and Jiangsu University jointly developed a tractor in the field conditions of dynamic torque detection system, high horsepower wheeled tractor driveline test systems and automated load test thrashing detection system, and applied testing equipment.

In 2010, the company and Jiangsu University signed a "150KW-class tractor power shift transmission and control system development" technology development contract by the research team Professor of Jiangsu University of Tianjin Yue five people and technology center, to carry out the development of 180-horsepower tractors, currently completed design drawings into prototype trial.

In 2011, the company signed with the Austrian AVL technology agreement to establish DF60-80 horsepower tractors evaluation design platform, the company's existing product designs for analysis, performance testing, put forward proposals to improve the feasibility and the power shift, the whole tractor machine design, drive train design, certification and other aspects of the EU technical personnel for technical training center.

2013 company with Austrian AVL Company signed a technical cooperation agreement to develop 75-110 horsepower tractor driving force shift belt drive system, drive train has completed the technical specifications defined and generous powertrain design concept, the next stage will be the basis of type manual shift transmission system and enhance the development of type power shift transmission power lines.

    (4) technical cooperation between enterprises

In 2011, the company and the Shenyang Automotive Roth CVT Ltd. signed a "150KW-class tractors CVT gearbox and control system development," Technical Services Agreement, to carry out 180 horsepower mechanical CVT models of development, has launched the prototype trial .

In 2011, quick and Shanghai Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. signed a "Dongfeng Tractor series appearance design and development of" technology agreement, the company commissioned the design development of 2 new models of high-end tractor, tooling cost total investment 24 million yuan, has complete the implementation of the project, put into mass production.

Currently the company has 71 active patents, including patents 5; in 2013, the center has applied for 19 patents, including patents 4. Undertake a national Torch Program, has completed acceptance; commitment and involvement of provincial projects 4; a municipal project, has completed acceptance. Nearly three years, the company presided over, in national standards, industry standard-setting total of six.