2ZG-630 Wheel transplanter

2ZG-630 Wheel transplanter

Product Model: 2ZG-630
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Riding   type 4 wheel drives

Overall   dimension (LxWxH) mm


Structure   weight (kg)


Engine   Specification

Model   & Type

YANMAR   Model 3TNM68 3-cylinder diesel engine

CHANGCHAI   Model 3M78 3-cylinder diesel engine

Rated   power

18.5 kW

18 kW

Rated   speed

3600   rpm

3300   rpm

Fuel   tank capacity

34 L

Fuel   consumption

2.25.6   kg/h

Transmission   system

Tire   size

Front   tire

φ650×95   mm

Rear   tire

φ950×50   mm

Wheel   track

Front   tire

1200 mm

Rear   tire

1200 mm

Steering   type

Full   hydraulic steering

Gearbox   type


Gears   number

Main   gear: Forward & backward step-less speed changing
  Secondary gear: 2 gears,Anti-fall gear: 2 gears

Working   speed

05.94   km/h

Min.   ground clearance

500 mm

Transplanting   system

Planting   arm type

Rotary   forced transplanting

Number   of rows

6 rows

Row   space

300 mm

Hole   distance

100,120,140,160,180,210,240   (mm)

Hole   distance adjustment type

Handle   adjustment

Transplanting   depth

1055(7gears)   mm

Adjustment  for number of  seedling per hold

Number   of transverse seedlings taking

10.5/26,   13.7/20, 15.2/18, 17.1/16, 20/14

Longitudinal   seedling taking

818 mm

Transplanting   frequency

0864   holes/min. (per row)

Type of   balancing mechanism

Electronic   balancing

Working   efficiency

0.20.42 h/h

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