90-100HP Specification

90-100HP Specification

- Dual-function clutch 
- (3+1)×4 gearbox
- Twin turning speed of P.T.O.
- Power steering
- Safe start switch
- Metal hood
- Combination meter
- Absorber seat with safety belt
- Disc brake

Product NO.: 940
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This 90HP-100HP tractor is mainly equipped with following necessary and optional parts.

Main Components
1.Dual-function clutch
2. (3+1)×4 gearbox
3. Twin turning speed of P.T.O.
4.Power steering
5.Safe start switch
6.Metal hood
7.Combination meter
8.Absorber seat with safety belt
9.Disc brake

Optional Parts
2.Foldable RPOS
3.Rear wheel ballast
4.Hydraulic system

Technical Parameters

Tractor ParametersModelDF-900DF-904DF-950DF-954DF-1000DF-1004
Drive Type2WD4WD2WD4WD2WD4WD
Overall Dimensions L×W×H (mm)4255×2100×2850
Wheel Track (mm)Front1550-185017101550-185017101550-18501710
Wheel Base(mm)235223522352235223522352
Ground Clearance (mm)476425476425476425
Rated Traction Force(N)173002080017400209001750021000
Construction Mass(kg)315533803155338032003800
Min. Turning Radius(m)
Speed Range (km/h)Forward1.8-331.8-331.9-35.1
Speed Range of Creeper Gear (km/h)Forward0.34-6.10.34-6.10.36-6.5
Engine SpecificationsModelLR4M5-T67-U2LR4M5-T67X1-U2LR4V5P-T67-U2
Type4-cylinder, vertical, in-line cylinder arrangement, radiator cooling, 4-stroke cycle, direct injection
Rated Power (kw)66.269.973.5
Fuel consumption (g/kw/h)≤242≤242≤242
Rated Speed (rpm)230023002300
Bore ×Stroke (mm)110×135110×135115×135
Total Displacement (L)
Drive SystemClutchLUK, dual function, independent type
Gear Box(3+1)×4 sliding gear shift
Main DriveOne pair of spiral bevel gears
DifferentialObturation, four bevel gears
Differential Lock
Mesh gear
Final Transmission
Planetary reduction gear
Traveling MechanismTireFront7.5-2013.6-247.5-2013.6-247.5-2013.6-24
Steering GearFull hydraulic power steering
BrakeWet disc (Multiple)
Hydraulic SystemLifting Capacity at 610mm behind Lift Point (kg)250025002600
3-Point SuspensionCategory: II
P.T.O. ShaftRotating Speed (rpm)540/1000
Spline Size6-ф35 rectangular spline
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